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  • The Bahco Plastic Tube Cutter is made from PA, the body is reinforced with fibreglass and fitted with a comfortable bi-material handle. Suitable for plastic tubes up to 32mm. Specification: Cuts: PVC, PEX, PP, PB and PEMax. Capacity: 32mm

    £ 18.05
  • Irwin specialist cutter, suitable for cutting PVC tubes. With smooth cutting action and simple ratchet cutting mechanism for one handed operation. Capacity: 45mm.

    £ 30.17
  • Easyslice kit of 2 pipe cutters and handles Pipe size: 15 & 22mm

    £ 39.31
  • The Monument 1740B Autocut® Easyslice Kit Is designed specifically for use in Ireland on 1/2in and 3/4in Copper Tube. Contains: 1 x Autocut Copper Pipe Cutter 1/2in (15mm).1 x Autocut Copper Pipe Cutter 3/4in (21mm).1 x 15R Ratchet Handle To Suit 15PC & MON1715.1 x 22R Ratchet Handle To Suit 22PC, MON1721 & MON1722.2 x 269N Spare Wheels for...

    £ 39.31
  • Monument Automatic Copper Pipe Cutter, 22 in a display jar. Size: 15 mm. Ratchet handle available (Code:- MON15R.)

    £ 211.68
  • 2649F Spare Blade for MON2644 28mm Plastic Pipe Cutter

    £ 8.93
  • 1 x Monument 2691G Autocut Spares Kit to suit both 15 & 22mm autocut pipe cutters

    £ 4.80
  • The Record Irwin T850026 Plastic Pipe Cutter features a V shaped blade which allows for an off-centre motion, reducing tube deformation. The blade provides increased cutting pressure whilst remaining easy to use. The slicing motion of this specially hardened steel blade means that it is sharpened every time a cut is made. Capacity: 26mm.

    £ 20.38
  • RIDGID 31652 Quick-Acting 154 Tube Cutter For Copper Std. Wheel: E-2558.Capacity: 48-116mm (1.7/8 - 4.1/2in).Weight: 1.72kg.

    £ 176.50
  • RIDGID 36597 Quick-Acting 153 Tube Cutter For Copper Std. Wheel: E-2558.Capacity: 32-90mm (1.1/4 - 3.1/2in).Weight: 0.92kg.

    £ 129.90
  • The RIDGID C15/22 C-Style Copper Cutter is one cutter with quick change feature. With a snap-on feature for a quick pipe connection and no size adjustment, saving valuable time. The spring loaded cutter wheel provides constant pressure on pipe for fast, straight cuts every time. RIDGID’s X-CEL® Wheel Pin provides quick wheel replacement. No tools or...

    £ 35.94
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