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  • The Arctic Hayes 3 In 1 Thermometer is a pipe, infrared and stem thermometer, all in 1 instrument. Select measurement in °C or °F with a response time less than 1 second. The clamp opens to a max of 1in (25mm) approx. Other features include: max/min record, data hold & automatic power off function. Specification IR Temp. Range Temperature Range:...

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  • The Arctic Hayes Digital Thermo-Anemometer is easy to use and produces highly sensitive and accurate results. With a 3.1/2 digit dual display that measures: m/s, km/hr and Knots and shows results in °C or °F. Also offers a K Type Temperature function. Specification Accuracy: ±3.0%.Temp Range: 0-60°C/32-140°F. Resolution: 0.1.

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  • The Stanley Intelli Tools Digital Infrared Thermometer is accurate to within 3° with a wavelength between 630-660nm and a temperature range of -38°C to +520°C. This large range allows users to effectively complete their desired tasks. With a high contrast, back lit display for visibility in all light conditions and an IP20 casing that provides protection...

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  • The Laserliner ClimaCheck is a digital device that measures relative humidity and ambient temperature. It can be used as a tabletop device with its fold-out stand/clip. It also features an integrated magnetic holder and has a digital display with min/max values. Supplied with 1 x AAA battery. Ambient temperature measuring range: 0-50°C.Temperature...

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  • The Laserliner ThermoSpot One is a non-contact infrared device which is ideal for taking surface temperature measurements of all types of materials. It is ideal for pipes, radiators, liquids and hazardous areas such as moving machine parts or live electrical installations. The thermometer has a focusing laser for precise targeting and a hold function...

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