Stick Clipped Head Nails


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  • 1 x Box of 2,200 Bostitch 3.1 x 90mm 33° Wire Weld Smooth Galvanised Collated Nails (2200) Smooth shank nails have exactly that: a smooth appearance. Due to their regular form they can be produced at very high speed and are therefore the most economical type of nail. However, their holding power is lower than ring shank nails. However, they require less...

    £ 37.39
  • 1 x Box of 2,200 Bostitch 2.8 x 63mm 33° Wire Weld Ringshank Galvanised Collated Nails Ring shank nails have a series of rings punched into the surface of the shank. Again a difference in the diameter of the shank is produced making it even more difficult to withdraw the nail. Ring shank nails have to be produced at lower speeds and their cost is...

    £ 29.41
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