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  • The Makita VC3011L Wet & Dry L-Class Dust Extractor 240 Volt Version.

    £ 454.80
  • The Makita VC3011L Wet & Dry L-Class Dust Extractor 110V Version.

    £ 454.80
  • The ;Makita VC3012M Wet & Dry M-Class Dust Extractor 240 Volt Version. Features an automatic on/off function, machine activates when a connected power tool is used.

    £ 892.80
  • Makita VC3012M Wet & Dry M-Class Dust Extractor 110 Volt Version.

    £ 892.80
  • The kwb Dust Catcher for dust-free collection of drilling waste while drilling masonry and concrete in walls or ceilings. Suitable for masonry drill bits Ø 4-10mm.

    £ 2.17
  • The Record Power AC400 Air Filter has a two stage filtration system with pocket filters to provide filtration down to 1 micron. It has 3 speeds and a timer function so you can leave the unit to run for a period after you have finished in the workshop. Both of which can be applied via the remote control. Useful for reducing nuisance dust, particularly in...

    £ 193.50
  • The Record Power CX2500 Chip Extractor has been designed for the home workshop that requires a flexible solution to chip and dust collection. An impeller system creates a powerful airflow that sucks the dust and chippings into the collection bag before the upper filter bag cleans the air and releases it back into the workshop. The optional fine...

    £ 193.50
  • The Record Power Fine Filter Cartridge allows the CX2500 chip collector to work as a dust extractor. The built-in paddle can be used to quickly and easily clean the insides of the filter after use.

    £ 134.39
  • The Record Power DX1000 Fine Filter Extractor is designed to filter down to 0.5 microns, featuring a two stage filtration process for extra fine dust. Ideal for all types of wood dust, even MDF. Minimises the amount of harmful dust in the workshop. Particularly useful for fine dust producers such as saws or sanders. This compact but powerful machine is...

    £ 138.00
  • To use the Starrett DB2 Debris Collector, simply insert the arbor shank through the eyelet at the nylon base, press the rim of the cowl against the surface of the material being sawn and begin sawing. The flange of the cowl then forms a seal against the material being cut, collecting all dirt and debris inside the cowl. Suitable for TCT Fast Cutting...

    £ 19.48
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