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  • 1 x Makita BL1020 10.8 Volt 2.0Ah CXT Battery

    £ 124.80
  • 1 x Makita BL1040 10.8 Volt 4.0Ah CXT Battery

    £ 163.20
  • 1 x Makita BL1820 18 Volt 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery.

    £ 196.80
  • 1 x Makita BL1830 18 Volt 3.0Ah Li-Ion Battery (Loose). PLEASE NOTE that this battery is supplied loose.

    £ 232.80
  • 1 x Makita BL1840 18 Volt 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery (Loose). Offers an unbeatable 36 minute charge time. It is the same weight as a 3.0Ah battery. Works with your current Li-ion Chargers. PLEASE NOTE this battery is supplied loose.

    £ 270.00
  • 1 x Makita BL1850 18 Volt 5.0Ah Li-Ion Battery (Loose). PLEASE NOTE that this battery is supplied loose.

    £ 292.80
  • 1 x Makita BL1860 18 Volt 6.0Ah Li-Ion Battery.

    £ 345.60
  • The Makita DC18RD Twin Port Charger is able to charge two Makita slide style Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries (with adapter) at the same time, as fast as DC18RC charges one battery. The DC18RD can also be used for charging USB device from the USB port on front of unit. It has a full charge sound alert and LED charging display. An electronic current limiter...

    £ 116.40
  • The Makita DEAADP05 Li-Ion USB Adaptor converts any 18 Volt Makita battery into a USB charger, with two USB ports that can charge 2 devices at once (2.1A per port). It also has a belt clip for handy storage. Suitable for charging mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. Bare Unit, No Baterry Supplied. Specification Dimensions (LxWxH): 102 x...

    £ 31.80
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